Get started with the SigTech API

Welcome to SigTech! Our API enables you to rapidly backtest complex financial strategies using clean, validated data. Whether you're a Python enthusiast exploring investment ideas or an experienced trader seeking to test your strategies, the SigTech API provides the tools and reliability you need to make informed decisions.

First steps

If you haven't done so already:

  1. Sign-up and create your SigTech API account.
  2. Generate an API key using our API dashboard.
  3. See how you can use our Python SDK to quickly replicate and backtest complex, real-world strategies by following one of our examples. Choose the one you think sounds most interesting:
  4. Install our Python SDK and weave together different API endpoints with minimal code to rapidly run sophisticated backtests. Check out more of our example notebooks to see how complex real-world strategies are replicated using our SDK.


  1. Browse our API data catalog and check out all the instruments that you can use as part of your strategies.
  2. Explore the rest of the API reference and test out the other endpoints you have at your disposal.
    1. See Create a strategy using the API reference for an instructional guide.

Need help? Have ideas?

Reach out to us on Discord or Twitter with all your questions and feedback.